Vehicle Registration in Himachal For BS-IV

Bharat Stage-IV in Himachal: Only BS-IV vehicles to be registered from April 1

SHIMLA- Himachal Pradesh has implemented the Mass Emission Standard for Bharat Stage-IV along with most the country. The HP Transport Minister GS Bali has announced new regulations for registration of vehicles in Himachal. As per notification, from April 1, 2017, only BS–IV vehicles will be registered in the State. The declaration came in compliance with the notification of Indian Union Ministry of Road Transport & Highways issued on August 19, 2015 after amendment in Rule 115 of Centre Motor Vehicle Rules 1989. As per notification for implementation of BS-IV,  vehicle manufacturers are required to comply with new emission norms.

However, this shall not be applicable for transport vehicles plying on inter-state or national permit or all India tourist permit. Mr. Bali has urged people to refrain from buying BS-III vehicles to avoid rejection during registration in Himachal. The minister said that now BS-IV fuels are also available widely all over the State.

Himachal Watcher had been running an awareness campaign against the unchecked and rapidly rising air pollution in Himachal. Issues like garbage burning in addition to hazardous diesel emissions form private and public transport buses and heavy vehicles were raised several times during past couple of year. Therefore, BS-IV implementation is a welcome step to realize the objective of minimum vehicular emission.
Reduction in Air Pollution through BS-IV Implementation

The objective of Bharat Stage-IV implementation is to bring down amount of air pollutants emitted by diesel and petrol combustion engines. The norms under BS-IV will be more stringent and will require car manufacturer to reduce amount of pollutants like Carbon-Mono-oxide, Hydrocarbon, Oxides of Nitrogen and Sulphur. To achieve this, the car manufacturers will have to introduce better engines with increased mileage. The concept is adopted from EURO emission standards and the Centre Government has already announced implementation of BS-VI around 2020. To catch up with European countries that are already on EURO-VI, India has decided to skip BS-V and directly switch to BS-VI. These developments are results of several judgments given by the National Green Tribunal regarding rising vehicular emissions. 

India’s capital city Delhi was crowned as the most polluted urban space in the world last year. Other metropolitan cities are in no better condition. Air pollution is haunting India’s health sector too. Physical Illness or disorders caused by toxic air pollutants have reached an alarming stage. Respiratory diseases are literally choking people, especially children and elders in crowded Indian cities. 

Only disadvantage of stepping up on BS standards will be the increase in the cost of vehicles and fossil fuels as manufacturer would be required to introduce better technology in vehicles. However, the government believes it will bring down number of people falling ill due to air pollution, thus, reducing expenditure on health services. 


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