Himachal Watcher moves onto the next level, opens for advertisers, would pay the contributors


Inspired from a huge response from the public, online readers and the regular request of our readers to continue and expand the range of what we have been doing, HW has been opened to advertisers.

The journey of Himachal Watcher began on Facebook about 2 years ago, and now it has an official domain, which is expanding day by day. A bunch of youngsters took the initiative to use the Internet as a platform to raise the public voice and their grievances, since then, many others joined us, some of which are now regular members of HW. HW did not just publish news; rather it went one-step ahead by submitting complaints and tracing the progress made to resolve the grievances by concerned government departments.

Most of the time, HW requires writing multiple times regarding same grievances repeatedly, but we do not hesitate, neither do we forget the issues we raised, as most of the public does. Not only the government, but any miscreant, regardless to his/her position and influence, has equally faced our criticism and complaints. The political parties and individual personalities have never been our concern. Our concern has always been the government, no matter who holds the power.

HW intended to provide the readers the technological advantages associated with Internet and let everyone being able to participate in a two-way communication like discussion through comments on a story. You can’t watch video in a newspaper, can’t talk to it or to the TV Channels. Media nowadays is just a one-way communication, full of vicarious content and mostly broadcasting what is popular instead of what is relevant.

We succeeded in perusing the lousy Himachal government departments to take action in some, but most of them are still pending. Now, HW is planning to move to next level by using the Judiciary to making these deaf departments hear the public grievances. RTI’s and PILs sound good enough for a beginning.

However, most of all, we would like to appreciate and thank the members and other contributors who contributed in our quest, sometimes by sending us complaints, images, video and articles regarding various issues in Himachal. As a matter of fact, there are only a few, who would find some time to write an article on a issue and mail to someone who would help in resolving it, and especially, when there is no monetary benefit involved. HW worked as a non-profit body from the very beginning to till date. We were not alone in this quest, there were others, who volunteered to contribute.

Why Open HW for Advertisers?

Now we realized that the members, who have been contributing regularly and wish to continue the journey with HW, should be given an opportunity to earn from it. We also realized that HW could also prove useful to those who are seeking freelance journalism. It would be stupid to keep the public devoid of the boon of Internet. Moreover, our regular readers regularly ask us to expand HW and make it more informative.

We feel that in order to continue HW, to maintain and expand the website, expenditures are inevitable. With the increasing number of readers, HW would need to pay for a better server and more space. The expanding would include expenditures on web design and web developing services. We dream to make HW a standard online regional publication, and that won’t be possible without funds.Therefore, we are going to make it commercial by opening it to the advertiser, both, local and global. We wish that our dedicated members along with other contributors would be getting honorarium for their contribution soon.

More than that, we expect that HW would expand its reach, influence, and credibility as a quality platform for the fee flow of information. HW won’t compromise with its main motto- to raise the public grievances. We hope, our readers would welcome our decision of opening HW for the advertisers, and, as always, HW seeks your valuable comments and feedback on it.

Himachal Watcher invites local advertisers

Himachal Watcher invites the local advertisers to utilize the advantages of Online Marketing, extend their reach to the consumers, and to keep up with the technologically advance business world, which is rapidly shifting to online. Himachal Watcher’s reader base is mostly regional and receives a good number of unique visitors daily from various parts of Himachal, and, we guess, it’s a sound & sufficient reason why the local advertiser from Himachal should go online.

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