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Kotkhai Rape-Murder Case: Violent protest erupts in Shimla as public senses conspiracy in SIT investigation, demand CBI inquiry

Shimla– People and local media in Himachal Pradesh are not ready to accept the claims made by Director General of Police, HP, and Special Investigation Team (SIT) that real culprits of Kotkhai rape and murder case are arrested, and the case is actually solved. Locals, media persons, and several other sources are sensing a conspiracy to save some or all real culprits.

theog protest and chakka jam

As per fresh reports, people in Theog took to the road protesting against the police, and pelted stone on the local police station. Allegedly, people scuffled with the police officials and damaged a police vehicle. The entire traffic was blocked on the NH 5 and people demanded Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) inquiry, showing disbelief in state police and law agencies.

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People reactions and their doubts seem genuine considering the twists this entire case has taken. There remains ambiguity in police investigation report and final claim of SIT that all actual culprits are behind bars.

Here are some of the questions that people and media want the HP Police to clarify:

Who were the 4 persons, the photos of whom were posted by Chief Minister as suspects?

On Thursday evening, four photos were allegedly posted on Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh’s official and verified Facebook Page, accompanying text claimed them to be the four suspects behind horrifying case of gang-rape and murder of the school girl. The photos were soon deleted once they went viral. Now, the public is asking who these persons were, and why their photos were shared by the CM.

Photos of Kotkhai rape suspects

It’s hard to believe that Chief Minister’s personal IT Cell including his IT adviser, Gokul Butail shared those images without any confirmation from the SIT. Is CM’s IT Cell foolish enough to pick random photos from social media or WhatsApp and post them on the claims made by social media? It’s very difficult to believe.

Secondly, Chief Minister hasn’t taken any responsibility about the alleged posting of photos. Neither did his IT Cell or he deem it necessary to explain the reason behind such reckless posting on social media. Who were those four persons and why they are not in scene anymore?

Moreover, these four persons are completely silent over the matter. One of them deleted his status in which he had pleaded innocent, while choose to remain silent. As a natural response, after arrest of all six culprits, these persons should have updated people on social media about authentication of their claims of innocence in such a heinous crime, but they haven’t.

kotkhai case conspiracy

What about previous theory cited by SIT?

Since the discovery of girl’s body from the Halaila woods, police claimed to have worked on several aspects. A day before the police press conference, police inputs were suggesting that the girl was possibly abducted in a vehicle and the crime was committed at the house of some influential person.

Reports had clearly mentioned inputs of the SIT claiming that the house was traced on the basis of call details and call dump of nearest cellphone towers.

Inputs had also claimed that police had traced the vehicle in which the girl’s dead body was transported to the spot where it was found. Police had suggested a theory that the crime was not committed at the spot where her body was found, and that the body was transported in a vehicle to the spot.

A News18 report on Friday morning claimed that one of victim’s socks was recovered from Ashish’s house (first arrested accused).

Now, people and media are asking where have the house, vehicle, and recovered socks disappeared at the last moment?

Ashish Chauhan was first to be arrested, but police didn’t reveal how he was related to the crime

It’s a very genuine question: How is it possible that police doesn’t know the role of the first arrested accused? On what basis was Ashish arrested if he isn’t linked to the crime directly? Police said, Ashish had information about the crime and people involved. But, if he was not involved, then how did he possess the information?

At the press conference, the police clearly said it doesn’t have details regarding the involvement and role of Ashish in the crime at this point, and that the investigation is still on.

People want to know why the role of Ashish wasn’t disclosed when he was the first man arrested by the SIT.

If Nepalese were involved, then why they left the body near their own settlement? Why didn’t they flee from the village?

Public isn’t convinced that all accused were migrant laborers including two Nepalese. Initially police had suggested that the body was dumped near a Nepalese settlement to misguide investigation and put the blame on laborers. Why they would dump the body in open, just 200 meters from their own settlement if they were the actual culprits?

People also want to know that if the culprits were migrant laborers, why didn’t they run away after committing such a heinous crime?

No one would try to rape and murder a victim just 100 meters from road in broad daylight

A local journalist employed with a Hindi Daily has raised several questions in his Facebook post he posted after the press conference. He argued that the spot of crime cited by SIT is just 100 meters from the nearest motorable road, and is partially visible from the road. Moreover, the Nepalese settlement is also very near, about 200 meters from the spot.

People are questioning the possibility of such gruesome crime on a vulnerable location in broad daylight?

Why animals didn’t eat up or mauled the body in two days?

Except the habitation, the entire region is a dense forest reportedly full of wild animals like leopards, bears, and wild dogs. As per the SIT, the crime was committed on July 4, and the girl died on the same day. Her body was found on the morning of July 6, which brings us to a question: possibly how was the body not mauled by animals if it remained dumped there for two nights?

Conspiracy to save real culprits, who belong to well-to-do families

Public and media are concluding all these arguments as an intentional effort by SIT to save the real culprits. Some unofficial and unconfirmed local sources are speculating that the laborers were offered ridiculous amount of money in exchange of false confession. People are also demanding that bank account details of parent’s of four suspects should be investigated as they might have done heavy transactions, perhaps worth crores, during these days.

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