Negligence of electricity board (Boileaugang to Shiv mandir)

Just take a look at the electricity poles in the area. There are 8 to 10 wooden electricity poles in the area, which are inclined dangerously and can fall any day. Complaints for the replacement of these poles have been lodged numerous times in the past, but the authorities haven’t taken any step in this issue and people of the area are forced to live in fear. This isn’t the first time this issue is being brought to your notice, we have reported it to your office in the past also, but no one seems interested in doing anything.

The electricity board has been incompetent in replacing the poles, officers of the board state non-availability of poles as an excuse for it. The officers here repeatedly say that the complaint has been forwarded to the SDO and the action can only be taken when something concrete comes from the SDO’s office.

This is sheer negligence of the electricity board, which claims that it has no poles available, when there are many unused poles in the city, with many lying uprooted in drains for years.


Dear Sir,

With reference to to e-mail dated 12-04-2012 regarding provision of electricity poles in Summer Hill, an estimate amounting to Rs. 1,59,260/- has been received from HPSEB. Now the same is in process. The work would be executed through HPSEB as per availability of funds. Hence the matter and application may be considered disposed off with regard to this department.

With Regard,
Municipal Corporation,Shimla

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