Shirgul forced to spent weeks in darkness due overload on transformer


A village in Theog spent more than a week in darkness due to the fault in the transformer, which had busted due to overload. Infected from ‘Sarkaari Kaam’ virus, Lineman and HPSEB find themselves helpless in attending to the grievance.

Shirgul is one of the village in Chopal. A month ago, we had submitted a complaint regarding the poor condition of the Primary and High Schools in the same village. This time one of the villager somehow managed to contact us and told the story of his village, which remained in darkness for the past couple of weeks as the Electricity Board’s transformer busted due to overload. The village spent more than a week in darkness in winters until the spoiled transformer was replaced a day ago. The reason was the overload on the transformer as the electricity is being used for commercial purpose by the owners of an ‘Arra Machine and an ‘Atta Chakki’ in the village.

It’s not the first time that the transformer busted due to overload, but every winter from the past few years, the same problem hit the village and forces the residents to spent weeks in darkness. Surprisingly, the reason remains the same each time, but was never dealt with in a proper way. A resident of the village says, “If we approach the Lineman, Shiv Dutt Sharma, employed in the area with our request to look into the matter, then he would deny any action. If we resist to his inaction, he simply quotes, “Do whatever you can, transfer me or complaint, but don’t bother me. It’ll always go as it used to”. Well, the Lineman gets his salary every month as it used to be so why would he bother. We would like to applaud for the Lineman and say, “great job Mr. Shive Dut, carry on”.

However, the question to be considered seriously is that why the HPSEB spending on new transformers every time instead of asking the shop owners to use domestic electricity connection for commercial purpose, if that’s the reason and if not, then find the root cause? Would you now consider the complaint against the Lineman for shirking his duty of attending to the public grievance and take appropriate action? If not, then please let us know.

Further, we would like to add that dear Electricity Board just imagines a week without electricity in Shimla city and you would realize that either the public would burn your building or go to depression in the absence of power. Facebook addicts can even try committing suicide or may go violent. We know that HPSEB is innocent in reality and can’t help ignoring its duty under the effect of a very lethal Indian infection called ‘Sarkari Kaam’. With one hand, you continue to kill trees with your stay wires and iron rods and with the other, you waste public’s money as the most lethargic employees of Himachal Pradesh State Government.

We are sorry for the language, in case you find it offensive, but actually, we are tired of submitting complaints requesting you to take pity on the public and the trees. Now, there is no respect left for HPSEB. Therefore, it won’t even reflect in our words.

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