HPSEB’s Payment Kiosk requires an operator, still doesn’t work


Consumers suffer due to faulty cash acceptor, which hasn’t been replaced by the HPSEB for years even after complaints from operators.

Adjacent to the MC Shimla building, there is a cabin that contains the HPSEB Payment Kiosk, which accepts cash as the payment to the consumer electricity bills. The idea is to save men power and free the consumer from the queues in front of the payment counters.
However, HPSEB’s payment kiosk at Shimla Mall hasn’t received any maintenance after it was installed years ago. This payment kiosk has rather turned into a frustrating machine for majority of the consumers who approach it for the first time. 8 times out of 10, the machine pukes out the currency notes irrespective of the fact there is no fault with the note. Moreover, it’s highly idiotic if we need an operator at a kiosk too. What’s the difference between a manual counter and kiosk if both of them requires a man to operate it. The man employed at HPSEB’s kiosk, for sure, would do a faster job manually.

Along with wasting time a lot of time, mostly the cash acceptor accepts only a partial amount of total billing amount. The remaining amounts adds to bill of the next consecutive month Even operators are helpless in dealing with the issue.
Have a look at the video HW had recorded on 4 Febuary 2013 and try to hearing conversation between the consumers and the operator.

Another video recorded earlier on 21 November 2012

HW would like to bring to the attention of HPSEB to work hard on their implementation of technologies. A technology evolves with each passing day. Every technology needs to be updated regularly. That’s the secret of making a technology work exactly as you want it to and ignoring it is the reason HPSEB is doing worse in adopting the technologies. The government doesn’t seems to be able to hire literate enough technical employees who could keep it updated on the technologies. Your online bill payment service also discouraged the main motive of the it and discouraged online payment instead of promoting it. You are killing trees with your metal stay-wires and metal rods everywhere in Shimla. It’s really unfortunate to have such a ignorant government department.

Please, attend to your bill payment kiosk as soon as possible. It’ll help saving time and energy of both, you men and the consumers.

However, the hopes are very low and as usual, we might need to write to HPSEB at least 8-10 times before it even pays some concern to it. But, still, HW would do that until it’s attended by HPSEB.

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