MC Shimla and HPPWD: Two super-efficient departments of Himachal govt


Even after regular complaints, HPPWD doesn’t remove the debris at BCS bus stoppage after two years of landslide, while MC Shimla remains dumb towards garbage disposal issue at the same spot.

BCS bus stop, one of the busiest stops in Shimla, isn’t a pleasant site, especially from the past couple of years. Have a look the images. These pictures are taken on 3/03/2012. Those heaps of debris and the garbage are the courtesy of MC Shimal and HPPWD.

bcs-bus-stop-shimla bcs-new-shimla

Now, that might not sound a reason big enough to pay attention. But, as a matter of fact, HW has been submitting complaints to MC Shimla regarding the same from the past one year, and the department is even incapable of providing garbage disposal facility to the public at a single spot. The public, too, deserves pity, for none of them could even conceive an idea, such as making a complaint online/offline.

On 17 May 2012, HW made complaints to MC Shimla and HPPWD to remove the debris left after a landslide in 2011. HPPWD cleared some, and left most of it as it was, which we wonder why. The scene hasn’t changed even in 2013.

Land slide at BCS Bus Stop

When we wrote to BCS School authorities in May 2012, we were told that it’s not their responsibility to remove the debris and maintain the supporting wall, and that the BCS has been constantly asking Shimla Municipal Corporation as well as the National Highway Authority, Solan to attend the issue, but they are not undertaking the work inspite of regular complaints.

Now, what we have is that a landslide in 2011 leaves the stoppage disrupted, blocking the roadside drainage, and now it’s 2013, and HPPWD haven’t removed the debris even after regular complaints being submitted from the past one year.

That was one super efficient government department, but, surely, it’s not as efficient as our precious MC Shimla. On 17 July 2012, MC Shimla placed a garbage container adjacent to the rain shelter at bus stoppage, and the public suffered from foul smell and unpleasing site while waiting for their buses. When, HW asked MC Shimla to use some of common sense gifted to them, and find a suitable place for the container. MC removed it permanently, never to be seen again, and now the garbage is disposed in open.

It looks like that the IQ level of the officers in MC Shimla is very poor. They are not even able to make smart excuses or aren’t cunning enough to misguide complainers. Their excuses and attitude are no better than that of a mentally retarded and the public shares the same label as well.

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