HP University polls 2013: The day in pictures


HP University, the nursery of future political party workers of Himachal, witnessed a thrilling day on August 17. A ‘HW Community’ member spent a full day at University campus in Shimla and tried to capture in picture the thrilling drama of ego clashes among student bodies, emotions and desperation, victory celebration and looser consolations. Most of it took place at Arts Block and Department of Laws.


With painted banners all around, University campus was transformed into a colorful stage. Voters were receiving a flattering reception at the gate from the candidates. From a distance, there was a lot of Saffron and red. Green, as always, was difficult to spot.

abvp-in-hpu-sca-elections ABVP-celebrates-at-hpu

This year, it was more dramatic as initially ABVP captured most of ‘Department Representative’ seats. ABVP members almost exploded with joy and they danced like it was there day today after such a long wait, and almost convinced that they did it this time.

hpu-students-waits-for-results abvp-dr-wins

SFI members, especially the new comers, stood bewildered in such a state of shock that they couldn’t do anything but helplessly watch rivals dancing and teasing. Have a close look at the pictures right above and you’ll feel it. SFI couldn’t stand it and soon dispersed. One of the reasons behind it was that experienced and mature student leaders were absent to reinforce the camp.


However, the scene suddenly changed when results from Department of Laws went in favor of SFI. The Department boast largest number of HPU students, hence is decisive of the fate of the main panel, which boosted the moral of comrade camp. It was their turn to dance and taunt, which they did at their best.

Students and cops made a huge crowd around the department to view SFI busting into a fit of joy. After conquering the Laws,the students headed towards arts department to wait for SCA panel results.

waiting-for-student-poll-results Himachali-folk-dance-at-hpu sfi-student-member-slogan-shouting

The period between the end of polling time and final SCA panel result was full of desperation and mainly passed amidst continuous, aggressive slogan shouting and Naati’s.


Another color that was most visible was Khakhi with blue jackets –Shimla police. Security was must in such an environment which was prone to violence. The campus had become a sensitive zone. Throughout the day, cops divided the two main camps, ABVP and SFI, by forming a thick line between them. Cops could be seen standing at each and every corner of the University campus.


With sunset, when the desperation was on peak, the results of polling were confirmed to the disappointment of ABVP. Again, it was SFI on all four seats. ABVP leaders consoled the camp with the close fight they gave for the seat of Vice President and the victory they secured at departmental level. Actually, it was really close in case of Vice President; just five votes.

SFI camp, including some senior members, took over the campus and their celebration began with their own band.

Afterwards, a senior leader addressed the crowd and announced the statistics with some additional inputs, which claimed that teachers tried to manipulate the counting of votes, but luckily couldn’t execute it. He also mentioned the vulgar and errant mocking of ABVP, but requested the camp to ignore it and avoid indulging in any sort of reactive response.

Students carried all four winning student leaders to Summerhill chowk on their shoulders and rest of the crowd followed them like a procession.

Shimla Police DSP, Shiv Chaudhari, with his cops found some relief at the end of the day with smiles on their faces. Fortunately, no incident of violence was reported, and for that we thank Shimla Police and appreciate the way it handled the crowd wisely on many occasions.

For the next half an hour, the winning candidates weren’t put down, and were carried to Girls hostel where the elected leaders addressed the crowd.

Here are some miscellaneous pictures if you missed the day.

sfi-himachal-university sfi-sca-panel-victory shimla-police-horses shimla-police-security-at-hpu-polls departmen-of-laws-hpu abvp-department-represntative hp-university-student-poll-results1 abvp-slogan-shouting-at-hpu hp-university-polls sfi-wins-law-drs abvp-crowd-at-hpu

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