Himachal Police caught brutally trashing tourists in middle of busy road

SHIMLA- HW came across news in Dainik Bhaskar reporting Gundagardi of Shimla Police. It posted a few screenshots from a video in which policemen are seen brutally kicking and showering blows on tourists in the middle of the busy road near Victory Tunnel in Shimla. A passenger in a local bus had captured it in his mobile. We have arranged this video footage for our readers and the Himchal Pradesh Police Department.

Watch what happened after a tourist car and a police vehicle clashed on a busy Shimla city road:

Dainik Bhaskar reported that this shameful incident took place at about 5:00 PM on June 22 (Monday).


We can see an old lady and man pleading in front of policemen with her hands joined and the driver is trying to escape from policemen. How come Himachal’s people are insensitive enough to disrespect senior citizens?

That was what Dainik Bhaskar reports. However, a comment on Facebook appeared saying ( Update):

This car driver was overtaking from wrong side, when the traffic policeman stopped him and asked for his driving licence he ran over that cop, fracturing his arm. Later the cops stopped him by putting their van in front of that car. This is what really happened.

But this story is completely cooked up as far as we tried to figure out the truth. Some reliable sources and eye witnesses confirmed that no one was injured, neither the driver ran over anyone. Moreover, no official statement has been released by the police regarding the incident.

The comment was posted by Ankit Mohanon on the video HW had shared. The reader calls it the other side of the story. However, Dainik Bhaskar had reported a different story.

Try to hear the passenger inside bus saying, “Police ki gundagardi hai kya?” We ask the same question from HP Police Department and the government.

What kind of justice is this? Who authorized police to assault; hurt someone’s dignity and self-esteem by harassing someone in public view? If that driver had actually injured some cop then there should have been no compromise. The driver should have been booked. The court would have done the justice.

The tourists were kicked in the middle of the road. None of the tourists appear to have used any kind of physical resistance against policemen. Then how these savages in uniform dared to shower kicks and blows at a person? The police could have booked the driver if he was at mistake and the damage was heavy. The court is authorized to pass judgments and sentence culprits, not the police.

This how HP government is promoting tourism? Is this how police co-operates with drivers from other states (plains) who find it difficult to drive on hilly roads? Is this how Police Department promotes healthy and friendly relation between people and policemen? This is how the government expects people to respect law and order? Why the hell anyone would care for law when these goons in uniform are one step ahead in initiating lawlessness.

On the other hand, Shimla Police itself is contributing to lawlessness in the city. Traffic police is a failure in managing traffic. Every day we see accidents on roads, but does police beat all of them?

Are murders, rapists, thieves or criminals are beaten by police or they are taken into custody?

Is it mentioned anywhere in the traffic laws of Motor Vehicle Act that policemen can assault people whenever they want, wherever they wish?

The SP Shimla DW Negi denied hearing any such incident of police brutality and insensitivity. He said that no one reported this matter to him so far. If brought to his attention, the SP assured a strict action against offenders. Well, respected SP, please take a close look at your policemen and what they do with common people.

We also insist that the footage from CCTV camera installed at the Victory Tunnel must be reviewed to find out who was at fault actually. To find out what heinous and blasphemous act of these tourist turned policemen into savages.

Earlier, the police goons had broke into a private hotel in Shimla at midnight and had beaten the staff for disposable glasses. Next day, the victims were offered a few thousand rupees for compromise, which was declined by the victims. No action was taken against anyone. Before that HP Police, who was deployed as personal security officer to a Himachal minister, had shot a youth for parking space.


Policemen can be seen roaming on duty bikes without helmets. The police can break traffic laws and still enjoy immunity within its fraternity.

What kind of people are being recruited in HP Police? We need humane individuals, not undisciplined and ill mannered baboons? It’s a matter of shame for the state, for the police department.

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