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Himachal to encourage individual owners to install solar plants on rooftops and sell electricity

Shimla- In Himachal Pradesh, individual building owners would now not only be generating electricity for personal consumption, but would also be selling it to generate income. For this, the only requirement is to install Solar Photovoltaic (PV) plants on their roof tops or its premises. With the new HP Solar Power Policy 2016 already notified, the state that is known for its 25,000 MW hydro power generation capacity, is now heading to become hub of renewable energy generation.

According to the new policy, electricity consumers of HPSEBL shall be eligible to install minimum 1 KW to maximum 5 MW capacity solar PV plants on their building roof top or its premises, which will be connected to grid with bidirectional meters, where in consumer will use solar generation for his consumption and only the drawl from grid to meet the deficit will be billed and surplus generation will be injected in the grid and consumer will be paid for this quantum by HPSEBL.

State Electricity Regulatory Commission (HPERC) has already framed regulations and fixed tariff of Rs 5 per unit for surplus energy, which is one of the highest tariffs in the region, so as to encourage investment.

It is expected that industrial, commercial, institutional and domestic consumers with large consumption may opt for this mode,

officials said.

National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE) has estimated a potential of 34 GW taking into account 3% of total wasteland and roof top surface areas of the consumers for this purpose. IREDA has estimated a potential of about 53 GW taking in to account 5% of the waste land.

In order to benefit from the government of India (GoI) scheme of equity contribution of Rs 50 lakh per MW, the state will also encourage farmers and unemployed youth to set up projects in a distributed and dispersed manner from 500 KW to 5 MW, with priority to smaller capacities.

This will create capacity of 84 MW, as per GoI allocations.According to the new policy, solar parks of medium sizes to accommodate 50 MW to 100 MW capacities, in different load locations, will be set up. In addition, the state will endeavour to create land banks for allocation to power producers, on the lines of industrial estates.

In order to encourage investment to gain experience and confidence in solar power generation, in the initial stages, tariff for purchase by HPSEBL up to 5 MW capacities will be determined by HPERC. Regulations for this are already in place and tariff for 2015-16 is also notified. Tariff for above 5 MW capacities may be discovered through competitive bidding. Tariff for roof top installations have also been determined by HPERC.

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