Illegal mining in Pandoh and dharampur beas river bed

Round the clock illegal mining in Balh, Dharampur, Pandoh rivulets and Beas riverbed

SHIMLA- Himachal Watcher had highlighted blatant illegal mining and dumping activity being carried out by influential people in vicinity of capital Shimla. According to the Mining Officer Shimla (R), in the month of September only, over 60 challans were detected by the mining department in various regions of Shimla including Theog, Hatkoti, Duttnagar, Rampur etc.

However, despite recent warning of Himacahl Pradesh High Court, mining mafia is enjoying immunity and is onto destroying natural resources in various regions of Himachal.

According to a report published in ‘The Tribune’, illegal mining is rampant on the long stretch of Suketi, Sone Khad, Kansa rivulets and Beas riverbed in Balh, Dharampur and Pandoh area of district Mandi. This is posing a grave threat to the ecology of the area.

According to the report, mining mafia was plundering nature resources round the clock. They had engaged workforce to extricate sand and stone for construction material from different rivulets.

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As per locals, the mining mafias were selling sand on high rates. They even change the course of river to extricate material from one or the other side of the river. Shortage of staff in mining department and political patronage to offenders had aggravated the situation in district.

The report further mentioned account given by a native of Pandoh, who said that despite close vigil, mining mafia was active on the banks of the Beas. Illegal mining was diminishing our natural resources and posing threat to the ecology of area besides causing loss of revenue to the government. This should be curbed immediately, he remarked.

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Mining mafia has no fear of law, who continue to rob the resources of Sone Khad. The authority should conduct frequent raids and impose heavy penalty on the offenders to curb the menace, said another native.

The mining department has detected 165 cases in different parts of district, which of them 101 cases had been compounded.

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In its special campaign against mining mafia, district police have issued 981 challans this year and recovered fine as Rs 26 lakh under mining Act.

This week alone 13 cases were detected at Pandoh, Panarsa, Dharampur, Balh, Joginder Nagar and a few other places and vehicles of offenders impounded from the site.

However, for the Mining officer Kulbhushan Sharma the situation was under control.

Photo: Indian Rivers/Representational

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