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Kotkhai Case: Public fear tempering with evidences and manipulation of DNA reports ahead of CBI inquiry

Shimla– Despite announcement of transfer of Kotkhai gang-rape and murder investigation to Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) under public pressure, the clamor for justice for the victim continue to rise in Shimla. The protests also spread to other parts of Himachal like Mandi where people took to the streets.

On Saturday, police had detained two more suspects from Kotkhai, who are said to be related to highly influential families. The suspects were brought for medical test at the Rippon hospital, Shimla, under heavy deployment of police force. The suspects were reportedly released after medical tests in which their serum and DNA profiling samples were obtained.

As per police, the DNA test results will validate the police investigation, and will bring the clamor over irregularity in investigation to an end.

Parents of these suspects also accompanied them, and drove to the hospital in their personal cars. People now fear that police will try to misguide CBI inquiry by tempering with the evidences and by manipulating the DNA test reports. The State Police will leave no stone unturned to defend itself, they believe.

As per the report published in Hindi daily Jagran, two of suspects were the same men photos of whom were shared on the official Facebook wall of the Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh on July 11 night, and removed within minutes of posting. However, there is no word on remain two men.

Report said these men belong to wealthy and highly influential famiies, and father of one suspect is brother of a powerful political leader of the same area. One of the suspects is said to be married.

The police official remained tight-lipped and refrained from giving any information to media.

The Senior Superintendent Police, Shimla, Bhajan Dev Negi, said the suspects were only detained for questioning and did not confirm their arrest.

Contrary to this act, the HP Police Special Investigation Team had claimed solving the case in a press conference on Thursday. The Director General of Police Somesh Goyal and Inspect General, Southern Range, Zahur H Zaidi had claimed that only six culprits were involved in the crime, and all of them were arrested.

On being asked why it detained two more suspects if all actual accused were behind bars, it said the detainment was made for questioning as people suspected involvement of these men.

IG Zaidi on leave after public protest and order of CBI inquiry

Protesting people expressed disappointment with the IG, who was heading the SIT investigation, for leaving people in distress. The IG reportedly went on a long holiday after a CBI probe was ordered under mounting pressure from public that expressed doubts over investigation done under his supervision.

Chief Minister is responsible for entire confusion: Congress

The Chief of HP Congress, Sukwinder Sukku, on Saturday, in a media statement, blamed the Chief Minister for the prevailing confusion among people. He said the posting of photos of four people have led to creation of doubts over SIT investigation. He also blamed eruption of protest among irate people on the Chief Minister. The SIT investigation definitely has some irregularities, which have annoyed public, he argued.

The Chief Minister still believes public protests are politically biased

Despite gathering of common men and women from every field of life in Theog, Shimla, against the gruesome case of gangrape and murder of a Class X, the Chief Minister believes the matter is nothing but a planned hype. He didn’t miss the opportunity to blame the oppositions for these protests.

However, the protesting voices within the party like Sukkhu are also questioning SIT investigation.  

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