Summerhill- Sangti road finally metaled, but is just a thin layer of tar on poor materials


HW raised the voice of a Neri Panchayat local, and persuades HPPWD to provide a metaled road (Summerhil – Sangti). Finally, it was done, but locals’ complaint it’s just a thin layer of tar poured on poor materials on the name of a tarred road, and seeks inspection of the same


Shimla- Congratulations to Neri panchayat, which ultimately received the mercy of HPPWD, and now has a metaled road after decades of suffering. HW acted on the grievance told by a local resident, and knocked HPPWD’s doors, who didn’t quite took it seriously when we first wrote to them, but they had to when our knocks got heavier and louder. Would you believe that the department even had expressed their inability to locate Neri Panchayat and any road (Summerhill – Sangti) in Shimla? Now, wasn’t that ironical that they tried to play blind to avoid action to relieve the public that was really suffering because of their ignorance.
Anyway, we made sure they find it, and now ultimately, the road is metaled.

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However, the Indian governmental culture of corruption, as always, seems to have successfully tempted the department officials, the private contractors and a few others to exploit the opportunity to engulf a good part of budget allotted for the project. It’s not us who claim that, but the local residents who wrote to us.

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Local residents asked HW to come and have a look at the poor materials sprinkled on the road, which is nothing more than a very thin layer of tar, which probably, the monsoon would wash away. The locals are expecting an inspection of the road by some trustable authority.

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We understand very well that when any government department and a private contractor join hands, it creates a great opportunity to cash on what entirely belongs to the people. Therefore, HW now writing to concerned authorities to investigate the quality of materials and processes used by the contractor in metaling Summerhil –Sangti road, and whether the road is up to the standards defined for HPPWD for the tarring of any road.

To HPPWD, we have just one thing to say, and that is, “Our knocks on the doors of your intentionally ignorant minds would only get louder. May be, we won’t hesitate to break them if the circumstances asked for it”

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  1. Sunny Thakur

    Chlo ji ek or kaam poora ho gaya—-wo bhi gahtiya quality k saath –let’s see nxt monsoon bhi nikal pata hai k nai 😛

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