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HPU campus completely messed up, degraded academic standards fuel student protest


SHIMLA– On Wednesday, HP University Students Central Association (SCA) again smashed ADN Bajapi through a massive protest and a Nukkad performance mocking at him for not taking moral responsibility for the mess he created at HPU during his tenure of three years.

It’s surprising that after being the worst under-performer in the academic history of HPU, Prof. ADN Bajpai has been granted an extension of six months by the Govt. Not only student community, but the staff is also suffering from overburden as the byproduct of his policies. The varsity don’t have sufficient faculty, if there is a recruitment, then consider the probability of strong political influence on it.

Watch Complete sarcastic,hilarious Nukkad performed by SCA as a protest, demanding his immediate removal

Take a look at the number students who qualified JRF (Junior Research Fellowship, during the last three years, the tenure of Bajpai as VC.

The number of ICDEOL enrollments also dropped down. The campus has turned into ugly scene with garbage littered all around the campus, basic facilities rarely available, if available, then rarely maintained, Wi-Fi remains a farfetched dream for HPU students in an age when rest of the world has access to abundant treasure of online journal stores, research papers, and almost every academic material present on the World Wide Web. It’s really unfortunate that Himachal’s youth is being kept deprived of such basic necessities in the only available Govt. higher education institute.

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However, the SCA has sharpened spearheads against him and made it clear that the only way to stop the series of SCA’s untiring protests at HPU campus is the removal of Bajpai as the Vice Chancellor for the sake of HPU’s dying educational standards and quality.

Student Leaders Address the Crowd

In case, you still haven’t paid attention to the thunderstorm hovering over HPU campus, then we would like to remind you that varsity students had been launching sharp attack against Bajpai after educational standards deteriorated to the lowest point in HPU’s academic history. Misuse of the police to unnecessarily raid boys hostels and bully students, unnecessary rustication, and finally, the dissolution of the official student body to suppress the student protests fueled the anger among students.


The list of allegation against ADN Bajpai is a long one, perhaps the longest. It counts not only the political vendetta, but also the misuse of student funds to secure personal facilities, fee hikes when the varsity campus cries for even basic facilities. For those, who still think campus protests are unnecessary nuisance, HW would like to mention that the validation of SCA’s demand for the immediate removal of the VC is apparent if you observe that in three years Bajapi couldn’t even make the campus garbage frees. It’s a shocking fact that he tolerated piles of garbage right in front of the VC office and in the surrounding Summerhill forests.

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Also, Mr. Bajpai made a mess of RUSA system. Instead of reforming examination process, his unmindful implementation has now become a great headache for the students and the administrative staff. The varsity can’t even announce examination results on time. Students faced huge trouble as for the first time the prospectus for admissions were put online as pdf files.

adn bajpai corruption charges

The new Rashtriya Ucchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA) was initiated by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India in 2013 for the development of higher education in India. It’s a centrally sponsored scheme. Under the 12th Five-Year Plan (2012–2017), a financial outlay of INR 228.55 billion was granted for the implementation its implementation.

RUSA system at hpu

Take a look at the above image showing the objectives that the Govt. and the VC had claimed with the implementation of RUSA and then compare the present condition of the varsity standards considering these objectives.

Reforms in the quality of education and betterment in the condition of the present infrastructure are nowhere near HPU. The girl students are forced to pay daily fee of Rs. 70 to stay as guests in the already crowded girl hostels as the authority failed to provide accommodation. Many others are still forced to spend thousands of rupees for renting private rooms in a city like Shimla, which is quite expensive.

hp university gates

As a matter of fact, Mr. Bajapi spent about 26 lacs on the construction of a new gate while the varsity already had a gate. Now, the varsity has two gates within 20-30 meter distance on the same entrance. Why? Similarly, a lot was spent of securing personal facilities and for entertaining political guests. However, the students await promised reforms.

We wonder, why the Vice Chancellor turns down the request of the student representatives for negotiating talks. If Mr. Bajpai had ever cared for the virtue of dignity, he must have had accepted the option of taking student unrest seriously, he would have invited them for a face to face conversation, listened to their grievances. Present situation at HPU campus, so called nuisance by the authorities, is the result of his ignorance to the democratically elected official student body, SCA, and the dictatorial force he deployed to challenge the student unity.

It looks like he is more concerned about being above the students and dictate to them daily routine, expect them to behave like docile creatures, and get terrorized by the police, Rapid Action Force while he himself sit safe behind heavy security arrangements. Why a man sitting at such a revered position is afraid of naked truth? Why he wish to modify the varsity environment in accordance to his personal ideological attachments instead of considering the facility and interests of the students? The real reason for the continuous protest rallies at campus, for which SCA is criticized for being a politically driven disturbance, is that the HPU is heading towards a degraded whole sale shop of degree certificates.

The present generation receives degree to claim higher education, but when it comes to practical implementation and occupational skills, the condition is miserable. On the top of that, when the students speak out of unrest, the Vice Chancellor believe in suppressing it instead of attending to it. Students are left with no option but to stand up in arms and protest, which is their right as established by the constitution of India. It reminds us of the following quote from John F. Kennedy:

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

However, right now, the cannon fires against Prof. Bajpai are getting louder. The SCA is performing nukkad, circulating pamphlets, and staging protests outside varsity campus to seek the attention and support of the public to save Himachal Pradesh’s only Govt. University. Ignore the struggle of SCA, but do not ignore the issues they raise. Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.

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