A bus driver smokes inside the bus, no one dares to object

A passenger records the video of the bus driver smoking inside the bus and send to HW asking for action.

An example of how the public is promoting ill practices and violations of the rules & regulations in their own society.

Last time one of our readers had sent us the video and the images of the bus driver using his mobile while he drove a bus full of passengers. Now again we received a video and images showing the drivers of the same bus smoking inside the bus and that too occupied with passengers. The disrespect for social and moral values is no issue for the driver and he is smiling while he enjoys his cigarette. But what is more startling is that no one among the passenger objected to his absurd action. We are promoting the ill practices among our own society by setting these idiots free to do whatever they want.

Now as far as the laws are concerned, HW is forwarding the complaint, along with the images and the video, to the DSP traffic police Shimla and demands appropriate action against the driver and the bus owner. The video footage is a sufficient evidence against the culprit and HW has also provided the details of the RC.


Further, we are thankful to the person who took the paint to record the video, click the images and mail them to HW. If every citizen starts to show the same level of awareness, the betterment of our society is definite. There is no other way make the government and the members of the society responsible for their acts, but the well aware public itself.

RC-Komal-Bus komal-bus-shimla

This Video Is Also Belongs To Driver Of Komal Bus (HP 63A 0160)

Image Copyright:Sunny

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