forensic tests in kotkhai case

Kotkhai CBI Probe: Forensic tests fail to prove “direct involvement” of any accused

Shimla: As the polling date for the Legislative Assembly nears Himachal Pradesh, the political fervor is high. All candidates have filed nominations. However, the current Congress-ruled government could get a setback on October 25 – the next hearing in the gangrape and murder of a Class X minor girl in Halaila forest of Kotkhai region, Shimla district.

In the previous hearing on October 11, the CBI had assured the court that it would file the complete and final status report on October 25.

As per reports, the forensic tests have failed to prove the involvement of any accused in the case that had rocked the entire State and even led to a rioting situation.

Earlier, the CBI had admitted that the DNA tests also did not help as the DNA of none of the accused matched with the samples collected from the crime scene.

Now, the sources said that despite running separate test on all remaining five accused who were arrested by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) of Himachal Pradesh Police in relation to the crime, the agency has failed to establish any “direct involvement” of accused.

The CBI had conducted narco analysis and polygraph tests on all accused. The agency had also conducted brain mapping test (electrical oscillation signature) on four of the accused.

The case became high-profile and more mysterious as the HP Police SIT landed in jail while the accused were granted bail by the court.

The CBI claims it is in possession of solid evidences against the eight police officials arrested in relation to the alleged killing of Suraj Singh, one of the Nepalese accused.

However, the failure to nab the real culprits would fuel the suspicion of public about a complete cover-up save them. The arrest of police officials has almost proved it. This distress could hit the reputation of the government and provide ammunition to the opposition at a time when the polls are just two weeks away.

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