(Update) HPSEB assures action on the complaint regarding Summer hill ward

On Jul 13, 2012, Himachal Watcher submitted a complaint sent by one of our readers residing in Summerhill ward number 5 to HPSEB and MC Shimla. The sensitive issue of a risky 22,000 Volt electricity pole was one of the few other issues.

We are glad that the HPSEB responded to the complaint and ER. Ravinder Kumar Sharma, Chief Engineer, Chief Engineer (Operation) South, (HPSEB) Direction/Order, assured that the SE(Op)Circle, Shimla/Sr.XEN,City will look into the matter personally and submit report over the action taken within 3 days.

Where HPSEB responded to the complaint immediately and assured action, MC Shimla said ‘ in progress’ as usual like to most of the complaints it respond and they always remain in progress.

Take a look at MC’s “In Progress”

1. Dear Chief Minister, Electricity board is killing trees in front of your eyes

2. Since 10 years in tatters: MC Shimla says it has no funds

3. Cruelty against trees knows no bounds in Shimla City

4. Reality of Government’s Policies

5. Wretched condition of the road leading to the temple of education, HPU Summerhill.

6. Once again MC Rules & Regulations ignored

7. Negligence of electricity board (Boileaugang to Shiv mandir)

8. Patients suffering because of no ambulance road

9. Save Trees: 24 private luxury apartments on the grave of hundreds of trees

10. Daulat Singh Park devoid of maintenance, Becoming an ugly place

HW is now waiting for the actual action that the complainer asked for and will keep you updated regarding progress in the matter. Further, if anyone have similar complaint regarding any sensitive issue that ask for attention, please feel free to write to us.

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  1. Supriya Sharma

    I wonder they responded so quickly. Nice to hear that. MC Shimla You are doing a great Job too. Carry on keep everything in unending progress. 

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