How Traffic Police Shimla is faster than the Internet?

DSP Traffic Police Shimla requests citizens to use their SMS Helpline Service (9459100100) for instant complaints

Traffic Police Shimla acts within a period of a few hours of receiving the complaints, while E-Samadhan took 17 days to forward it.

The DSP traffic police Shimla, to whom HW had sent the videos and pictures of two bus drivers who were mocking at the laws as well as the social addicates,has been issued notices under 113 Motor Vehicle Act. While the owner of the Chaddha Travels (HP-63-1840) contested the allegations and escaped the penalty on the grounds that the face and the bus was not identifiable in the video, the Komal Travel found it hard to deny the offense as for this time the video was quite clear and captured his face clearly.


To remind you, these two videos were sent to HW by two of our readers. The issue might sound very minute to an average Shimla citizen and might not find it worth taking that much pain, the two aware citizens tried to teach a lesson to the offenders, setting an example of how the citizens can contribute towards the betterment of the social environment we live in. It’s not just about punishing a few bus drivers for smoking or talking on a cell phone while driving a bus, but a hint that if the public could understand its role and duties towards the society, our city could become a wonderful place to live. Your incapability to be able to criticize even a bus drivers projects a major fault on the part of the public. Your objection matters, sometimes individually and other times collectively. It’s quite certain that if a lady would have objected the driver’s smoking inside the bus, many would have joined her.

However, no one dares to take initiative and that’s a weakness, inherent in our society. We bet, the bus drivers would now, at least, think twice repeating the same behavior and that’s because two citizens, belonging to the same society as we all do, bothered not to object, but to record the evidences using their mobiles. Each one of us can contribute towards the betterment of our society in one way or another and, amazingly, that feels like living a life with a purpose.

HW appreciates the efforts of these two individuals and also the co-operation of the district traffic police. So next time, in case, if any false behavior or a violation reminds you of your responsibility, then you can write to us or send an instant complaint on 9459100100, a SMS Helpline Service provided by the Shimla Traffic Police. Regarding the SMS Helpline Service, Dy. Superintendent of Police. Traffic said:

“We really appreciate the effort put forward by you through this website. But at the same time, we also request that in future if these complaints are sent to us via our SMS helpline Service (9459100100) on the day of the occurrence, we can assure you instant action the same very day. We have already taken so many positive actions through that channel and have numerous satisfied complainants”

Dy. Superintendent of Police, Traffic, Shimla. Distt. Shimla..

However, we would also have some words for our respected Chief Minister Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal regarding the performance of E-Samadhan – one of his promises for providing the public with an online service to receive and solve the grievances. One of the biggest advantages of the Internet is the speed with which a user can interact with the whole world. The information travels in fraction of seconds from one corner of the world to another. But, for E- Samadhan, the Internet means nothing more than usual paper files. For example, one of the above mentioned complaints (complaint no. POL/2012847) was submitted on E-Samadhan on 10th of September and the police department received it on 27th of September.That means an online complaint took 17 days to travel to the concerned department. We can be wrong in judging the performance as it could be otherwise like, too much burden on E-Samadhan or the number of complaints is so huge that our complaint had to wait for almost 3 weeks.


Even if so, we would request our respected Chief Minister to enhance the capacity of the service so that public complaints, which we believe is the priority for your government, could travel faster.

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  1. Ayush

    this issue seems very minute as said by Himachal Watcher… but we people dont realise the risk involved in texting while driving etc.. untill some mishap occurs..
    thanks for being there HW 🙂

  2. Anuj

    Indeed a great job by HW. I think that local authorities such as municap corporations and traffic police can play a vital role in maintaining law and order. I really appreciate fast and activeness of tarffic police. Really hats off. I guess e-smadhan lacks coordination between different bodies!

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