Rules And Regulation

If you remember, Himachal watcher had made a complaint against the unauthorized hoardings and billboards which were harming the trees as they were attached with the help of iron nails and wires. MC had acted on the complaint and removed the… hoardings we complained about. However, our last mail had requested some information about the permission granted to hoardings and billboards of famous advertiser “Uday Raj Advertiser”. The hoarding from this advertiser can be seen all over the shimla city. However, none of it’s boards and hoardings display the Advertisement Number and the period for which it has been granted the permission to display the advertisement in a particular place in shimla city.

We had complained that none of the billboards belonging to Uday Raj Advertiser display this information and is defying the rules and regulations set by MC. We wonder, your department did not even replied to our mail in which we had asked for the information regarding the hoardings of the advertiser we mentioned above. This is embarrassing that on your website, there are instructions to receive information about any matter, but still we were not provided with any information.

It’s been about 2 months now and we feel that it’s really in vain to believe in any commitments MC makes, of course, like every other government department. All we mean to bring to your attention was that there are many advertisers who are following the rules set by MC, but some are defying them under the hood of your department. Rules and regulations apply to all equally and there should be no discrimination.

After this complaint, we expect a proper action from MC and will be watching for it. The billboards and hoardings, not following the rules of MC, should be removed immediately as your department had mentioned in the the application for the permission of placing

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