Is it an accident or murder?

It’s not even a week ago that Himachal Watcher wrote to MC Shimla and HPPWD about the car accident due to their careless attitude towards maintaining parapets and protective railings on roadside, and now we have one more similar incident with far greater consequences – loss of one life and serious injuries to the other sitting in the car, which was pushed down the road by a truck near Lower Phaggali, Shimla. Have a look at the pictures and you’ll find that the disaster could have been averted if HPPWD had built parapets or strong protective railing on the dangerous curve this accident took place. No one among the people standing on the spot of accident thought about the role of HPPWD in this accident, rather a murder.

While you travel through any road in Shimla, pay some attention to the condition of parapets and other measures provided to prevent such accidents. They are in pathetic condition all over the Capital. Therefore, it’s obvious and easy to assume the condition of rural areas. Where HPPWD is busy other than performing their assigned duty? Where it’s spending all the funds, which are allotted for maintenance? Even if this incident can’t move you to take action, then authorities sitting at HPPWD and MC Shimla are inhuman and selfish who care about their own lives and pockets.

On the other hand, Himachal Watcher requests people to wake up and raise their voice against such a careless attitude of government departments. Common people are equally responsible for such fatal accidents as they are not even able to identify the responsibility of authorities involved.

If you witness such incidents, but feel helpless to complaint yourself, please let Himachal Watcher know about it. Just contact Himachal Watcher through the e-mail Id and submit your complaint. The identity of the complainer will be kept confidential.

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