By Orders from Commissioner MC, Shimla, a person can be fined upto Rs:500. But for what?

How many of you ever used E-Samdhan actually? Pro. Prem Kumar Dhumal claims to provide you with online service to resolve public grievances and a big hoarding near BSNL office, Mall says everything about the service. There are lines promising a corruption free, transparent government, where all the government officers will bear the responsibility of social welfare. And, of course, there is a big photograph of our respected Chief Minister wearing traditional Himachali cap and a smile on the face.

What bothered us more was the little green Public Notice Board at the bottom of hoarding, talking about 500 rupee fine. However, our Chief Minister and MC Shimla couldn’t keep it transparent. The public notice is partially visible and hardly solves the purpose as the hoarding has overlapped it. It’s a great shame that our government and officers employed to look after the public are so lame and dumb that they can’t even notice these visible mistakes.
As far as the development is concerned, we all know it’s almost 100%, but just in papers and these big hoardings with fake words printed to advertise political parties.

If our critical words sounds somewhat superfluous about the government and these hoardings can be justified on the grounds that they have been put there to create awareness about a very important public service, even then, we couldn’t help being bitter that E-Samadhan is nothing more than a database filled with, either pending or partially solved complaints. Have a look at the list of complaint numbers for which complaints are still pending and then decide whether it’s justified to criticize such system and it’s methods of advertising themselves.

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