Visually impaired students forced to use a damaged road

Government turns blind eye on the road leading to School and Home for the Blind in Charabrada, Shimla, and students have themselves repaired it.

Himachal Pradesh touts to have the 2nd best literacy rate in the country after Kerala. No government representative misses a chance to show that off. The Chief Minister and other office bearers in the State have repeatedly talked about opening new Universities and Schools in the State, but the ground reality is that a very important segment of our population (the visually impaired) are kept aloof of schools and colleges in our very own State. There are only two schools for blind in the State, and the one in the capital city is in tatters. The School and Home for the Blind in Charabrada, Shimla, has a classes only until class 10 and there is no place in the state where the children can pursue their 10+1 and +2 or higher studies.

The road leading to the school from Dhalli, on which these blind students and their teachers have to walk daily, is badly broken and has landslides at numerous places. Many government officials and Ministers have assured the students that the road will be mended but words have never turned into actions. As a result, these blind students have themselves cleared the road of mud and rocks on the road because of landslides and have themselves patched the road with stones. How have these blind students possibly done so, is what I was shocked with when I visited the school, but their enthusiasm for life made me believe how they must have done it. Why isn’t the government and its departments interested is my question aren’t they just turning their back on a grave problem?

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  1. Bharat

    I have been here, the road is actually in tatters. The visually impaired students have to negotiate this road daily and have thus been forced to repair it themselves. When the government officials and ministers have assured to repair the road then why aren’t they doing it? What are they waiting for? Are these assurances just to win hearts, don’t our ministers have a moral responsibility to live up to their words. 

    There is no point, no point I say in opening IITs and Universities in the State if small and vital schools like the ‘school and home for the blind’ cannot be maintained by these so called well wishers of the state. 

    • Supriya

      It sounds like Indian species are becoming  stinking parasites, which doesn’t even hesitate to sacrifice moral values. I guess, the saturation point is near and the aggression will find it’s way buy busting out. 

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