Action taken on complaints, but the efficiency of the government departments still remains in question

Whereas, DFO MC Shimla and HPWD took appropriate actions on the complaints, DSP traffic police takes more than a month to even reply to our complaint.

Shimla- As a motivation, small though, some of our complaints which HW had submitted to the DFO MC Shimla,HPWD and DSP traffic police, pertaining to two different grievances, has been considered and we saw some action on their part.

DFO MC Shimla vested the Sumerhill ward-5, which HW had mentioned in the complaint submitted on 13/07/2012 regarding the inappropriate garbage disposal on the part of the locals, and imposed a penalty of
on the offenders and warned them against the repetition of the same malpractice in the future.

In a similar grievance, submitted to HPWD regarding the mishaps that took place due to the absence of any sort of railing or parapets near Gurudwara, old bus stand, were also considered and iron railings were put on the spots to avert future mishaps.


However, DSP traffic police Shimla did not responded to our first two complaints, whichwe submitted regarding the misuse of official powers by the VIPs and the Shimla police itself. HW has sent photographs showing the police and the government vehicles parked in no parking zones frequently. When we repeatedly made complaints along with the photographs showing the violation of the rules and demanded challans of these particular vehicles, we received the following response:

Inquired in to the matter has been conducted by Dysp Traffic, Shimla. During enquiry it is intimated that there are lots of No Parking Zone in Shimla City. The Vehicle parked in No Parking Zone has been Challaned by Police. During, enquiry no Police Vehicle has been found in No Parking Zone. The Police have also Challaned 1559 Vehicle during month of June 2012. The In charge Police Traffic is also directed by Dysp traffic to continue the action against defaulters in future.


We are not sure whether the DSP traffic police couldn’t understand what we exactly wrote to him or the police department was avoiding any action against the vehicles with red light parked in the no parking zone, which were visible as much clear as they could be in the photographs we had sent. For such a small response, the DSP traffic police took a time of more than a month and that too when we kept complaining repeatedly. However, our complaint still remained, therefore, we continued to ask for the penalties on the those government vehicles which were caught literally showing disrespect to the boards saying ‘No Parking’.

As a miracle, HW received another response saying:

The matter was sent to Dy.SP Traffic, Shimla. He has intimated that the Police had Challaned 1559 Vehicles during month of June 2012 and there is no rule in M.V Act to provide the copies of Challan other than to violator. Moreover, the entry of Challans is not made out in the computer, so copies of Challans which is in large quantity in the month of June 2012 i.e 1559 cannot provided

Once again we received a reply that doesn’t mention any action against the specified vehicles we had mentioned in our complaints. Thus, HW again asked the department regarding our complaint and finally, we received a reply which told us that the the vehicles we had mentioned with photographs couldn’t be challaned at the present stage and just the directions could be passed to the concerned departments.Regarding the police vehicles, we received a justifiable reply that said:


With respect to Police Station vehicles, and patrol vehicles it is submitted that it is impossible to park the vehicles at authorized parking places during L&O duties as these vehicles are required where the situation demands for immediate response.

However, our motive behind the continuous complaints was not only limited to just imposing penalties on the violators based on the photographs, but to remind the departments regarding the biases displayed in executing their duties. Moreover, the government departments should improve their efficiency. What level of responsible behavior towards their duties, efficiency in performing the action and in being answerable to the public these government offices display when they take months to even respond to the complaints and that too when they are poked repeatedly.

HW is not against any government department or the political groups but, we just desireto help them by throwing light on the grievances of the public, issues pertaining to the public welfare and the violations of rules by both, the public and the government officials. These complaints might sound tiny against the huge scams and sensational issues covered by the mainstream electronic and print media, but for a common man, these are the issues that affect him and are relevant.

What’s more praiseworthy is that the most of the complaints and photographs were sent by our readers and the members, who comes from the same society as we all do. Therefore, HW requests all our readers to help us highlight any issue pertaining to the welfare of public, violations of the laws, and any unethical act on the part of the public or the government departments, so that a healthy society could be formed and maintained through collective efforts.

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  1. Sunny Thakur

    Police walo ko dekho kya shaan say bol rahay hai k challan nai hua un vehicles k. or agr wo vehicles kisi common logo k hote to ab tak to un k challan ho gaye hotay or huay bhi hai. Shame on DSP traffic police shimla.Rules sab k liya equal hone chaiya na ke optional.

  2. Madan

    It’s the right of the public to ask the government and the government departments regarding the status of execution of their duties. Police or whosoever with a red light on the car is not the boss, but the servant of the public and get paid by the money of the tax payers. So just start questing them instead of ignoring the pitiable condition of our government system! Only the public can make the difference. Don’t wait for a leader, just join hands, raise your voice. That’s it!

    • Madan

      Yes! the traffic police can share, but the public in Himachal has never been interested in questioning the government departments except inside the confined rooms.That’ the reason the worms of corruption are growing in number day by day. Public doesn’t bother to agitate the misuse of the money they paid in the tax and the resources of the state. In nutshell, the bureaucrats, VIPs, Ministers and the government departments exploit the dumb, non- reactive and scattered public.

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