Finally, the Neri Panchayat to get a metalled road

Summerhill to Sangti Neri road is almost 60 years old and since then, it was metalled only once about 10 years back.
HW wrote to HPWD after a resident of the Neri Panchayat mailed us regarding the grievance

Neri Panchayat of Shimla district becoming a living hell” was a story that HW had published in Octobor and had also written to the HPPWD regarding the poor condition of the region. Finally, HPWD confirmed that the budget has been allotted and the work of Metaling/ Tarring at Summerhill to Sangti Neri road has been awarded to a private contractor. We are feeling more than glad that a road that was not metalled from the last 11-12 years and was ignored to an extent that the place became one of the most inconvenient location to approach. We received the confirmation from HPPWD in the following words.

In this connection it is intimated that the work of Metaling/ Tarring at Summerhill to Sangti Neri road has been awarded to Sh. Inder Singh Govt.contractor
vide this office letter No .PW-SD-II-CB-Tender/2012-10473-82
Dated 27-9-2012

One of the local residents had mailed us asking to raise the issue. We visited the whole stretch of 2.5 KM in between Sangti and Summerhill to collect some images and videos. The images and videos were sent to HPPWD with a complaint and a article was also published HW. We would like to thank the readers of HW for supporting us with their comments and likes.

Have a look at the gallery of images taken a month ago at Neri Panchayat. It’ll help you realize that how a single person can help and contribute towards the welfare of thousands of people around you him/her.

Someone from the locality dared to raise the issue and made a complaint. See, what happened. A single person acted on the behalf of the whole population of Neri Panchayat, which is approximately 5000.

If you feel that, you have been denied something that your constitution has provided you as a right, then do react to it. Right to expression is one of the most powerful tools of a democracy that can be used to keep the government responsible. In a democracy, the public must seek answers from the government. Indian constitution empowers us with the right to express our protest against the unwanted behavior of the government or anything that goes against the public. Unfortunately, much like most of the other a common Indian citizens or ‘Aam Adami’, the public of Himachal too behaves in a very passive manner due to the lack of knowledge of power that constitution of India provides to them. Not everyone can join the fight to tame the government or the system, but even a few people If, at least, bother to raise the issues, and then it would be great contribution towards the proper functioning of the democratic mechanism.

Tomorrow, HW will get back to its readers with a reminder for MC Shimla. We hope, you’ll support us the same way as you did in the above mentioned grievances.

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