Finally, the PWD wakes up, Shimla bypass road gets a few railings

On 09 May 2012, after a car accident that caused the loss of a life and a serious injury to the other, HW submitted a complaint to PWD regarding the absence of protective measures on the Shimla bypass road. It’s in the month of September that we saw a few laborers installing a railing at the spot. We are glad that at least this very sensitive curve would get less prone to accidents like we had witnessed earlier. However, it’s not about the single spot we mentioned. The bypass road is full of such sensitive curves which are very prone to accidents and even a minor mistake on the part of the driver would throw them down the hill. We hope the PWD won’t limit the job of putting protective measures just to the spot we had mentioned, but would take care of the whole length of the Shimla bypass road.


Meanwhile, we wonder why PWD ignored the complaint regarding the same problem at Khalini Shimla that we had submitted in the month of Feb. this year. The complaint asked PWD to provide parapets on the spot where a man almost died while his scooter lost balance and rolled down the hill. However, even after 8 months, not even a muscle has been moved towards taking measures to avoid any other mishappening, that could take place due to the absence of the parapets.

Finally, lets get back to the complaint HW had submitted to the MC Shimla on 01st May this year, telling them about a car that rolled down the hill while the driver was reversing the car. The incident took place at Summerhill, where the driver couldn’t judge the distance properly as it was dark and due to missing railings , the car slipped down the road. We would request MC Shimla to start utilizing the budget of 8,90,000, sanctioned for providing M.S. Railings from Boileauganj to Shiv Mandir , if the monsoon has ended for them. The rain and the lack of budget have been the excuses that MC Shimla has been shouting of for not taking any action. Whereas, the rainy season has ended for PWD, it doesn’t seem to have ended for MC Shimla. It’s not just about providing parapets and railing, it’s about averting any further loss of life and property. The issue must be taken seriously and should be done on priority basis.

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  1. Gaurav Thakur

    that’s my house along with this curve. i have seen 3 people lose life at this curve while there have been more than a dozen accidents in past few years at the same spot. it took them decades but i am happy they woke up at last…

    • Madan

      You knew all this. Did you make a complaint? HW could get some attention only after a lot of complaints. I wonder, no one from the nearby even paid attention to make a complaint.

  2. Anita Buckseth

    HW you are doing a gr8 job. We have seen many people who lost their lives at this point but no one even bothered to take any step to solve this thanx once again 2u and hope more people would join you in your cause.

  3. Sunny Thakur

    Bhai PWD to kumbhkaran ke neend say thoda uth gaya hai yeh MC ko bhi hilaaoo thoda saaa nai to in logo ne statues he lagane bs 😀 or in dono ne mil kr logo k ghro ke dewarroo pr photo frame lagawa denay bhaut 8 to PWD k naam pr hai… 🙁 or pwd solan pura by pass k yahi halat bina railings k utho kaam chro tum logo ke kripa kidher ruki hai …. contact nirmal baba ji shayad kuch phark ped jaayy…
    Himachal Watcher ji bhaut he badiya kaam kiya aap ne 🙂 Congrats tou n ur team 🙂
    tum jiyo hazaaron saal saal ke din hon pachaas hazaar 😛 😀 🙂

  4. Mahesh Thakur

    No one even thought about that a railing could have saved it. All gossip, criticize the drivers and go to their homes. Why no one from the locality came forward to highlight the cause. We are not living in a healthy community at all. But, nice to see that someone is taking the pain for the public
    keep it up HW

  5. Swati

    Well the road had a railing before..unfortunately ws stolen by some very intelligent group of commons.. i guess its bad to just criticize authorities…..we must first bring it into our culture to respect what has been done for us…

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