Some relief for Vikasnagar locals, but still not enough


SHIMLA-After regular complaints from HW Community, Vikasnagar has finally received some relief from risky, slippery and damaged steps on a path, which was completely in pitch black at night as there was no street light. Now, there is one street light and it’s partially dark. There are five to six poles, but they appear to have given retirement before their time, especially, when the public needed them desperately. Yet, we can thank God that Shimla MC is repairing the shortcut that connects lower Vikasnagar to the main bypass road. The steps have received new tiles. At least, in rains, the path is now safer for the everyday crowd that uses the path.

However, we don’t think there is much to appreciate about it. It took over a year for MC Shimla to actually attend the problem and began working on it. Also, in this time, it could provide only a single street light. Remarkable, isn’t it? What are we ought to do; contend ourselves with the old saying, “something is better than nothing”, or try for everything that the government had promised? Most of us would definitely choose the former.

Anyway, we would request our readers to raise such public grievances, if they come across them in their surroundings anywhere in the city. It’s time that you began thinking about the protection and maintenance of public property and public facilities. Your initiative could relive the entire society and people around you. Most of them are ignorant. People here have developed a lethal attitude of accepting wretchedness around them. Their disrespect for their own facilities is one of the most idiotic troubles our nation is facing right now.

If you think you are any different, then become a part of HW community as a member. Observe such grievances around you and write to us. Click a few photographs, mail them to us with some information regarding the location and grievance or publish them instantaneously in HW UrNews section yourself with your complaint. Be the whistleblower. Wake up and set examples to inspire others to participate in this campaign to protect and maintain public property and facilities. HW Community will ensure that your complaints reach the right ears for appropriate action.

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