Are these facilities acceptable for one of the premier hospitals of Himachal?

Principal IGMC visits KNH (Lady reading) after the annoyed doctors complained about the poor condition of the canteen, but the patients again could not get an ear

Earlier this year Lady Reading (KNH), the oldest and top gynecological health care center with the biggest number of deliveries in the state, faces allegations of insufficient oxygen ventilation service, which caused the death of a newly born baby.On Jul 21, 2012 HW had published a startling photograph showing a security guard employed for preparing injections in KNH’s Children’s ward. Before these issues, in 2011 a KNH doctor was accused of not attending the pregnant lady who gave birth to the baby in the urine lab of the hospital. Inspite of the frequent requests made by the lady to take her to the labor room, the errant doctor sent her for urine test.

Now we read about the unhygienic and inappropriate arrangement of the canteen for the staff including doctors, covered by Amar Ujala on July 7, 2012.

The issue found its way to the pages of newspapers as it’s about the inconvenience of staff including doctors. The Resident Doctor Association approached the principal, Prof. S.S. Kaushal, who later inspected the canteen himself. The principal agreed with the complaint and notice was sent asking the answerable person. However, we would like to add that the patients admitted in the same hospitals too need some basic facilities and attention, which the principal IGMC and the newspaper didn’t notice. Here are some photographs from the special old ward of Kamala Nehru Hospital.

If anyone consider these conditions acceptable for the special ward of a major hospital of Himachal, then please correct us. The patients are being cheated as they pay an extra fee for extra facilities.Do you think unsanitary conditions and lack of medical facilities are acceptable in the special ward facility of one of the premier hospitals of Himachal?

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  1. ashish

    Thees are an condition of state top hospitals what can we aspect in rural areas? Hear they ensure us to provide top class medical assistance/facility.These is very little what u showed in thees photographs but condition is very critical. Unhygienic food, surroundings and sanitary thees hospitals r like an indoor slums in Shimla (HP).We often hear GOVT. say we are providing common man with best medical facility. But have u ever seen them getting self treated their. Coz they just cant bear thees facility they new what part of our budget have been spent to provide these facility. These present state Govt. have time to cut ribbons and give away new projects but they don’t have budget to maintain what we have. Critical conditions of thes state hospitals are getting worse day by day reason is we are using it to our fullest but in return we are not even bothered to maintain it……………..” in thees condition these govt is letting hospital doctors, staff and patients to unnatural illness and making it an interior slums ,(again which are been forced to be build by the GOVT.).

  2. sanwalis22

    thanks for raising the issue. this was very important as newborns are not meant to face such unhygienic conditions as soon as they enter the world. 

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