The Dhalli- Sanjauli road – a nightmare for the drivers, pedestrians, and locals

A great patch of the road between the Dhalli to Sanjuali has become one of the worst roads of Shimla district, creating great troubles for the locals, especially, pedestrians, shopkeepers and drivers.

Every now and then, you must have heard the international media castigating Indian roads for its poor and pathetic conditions and to all the extent; the tag given is, unfortunately and apparently, true. The Dhalli ward, under the Municipal Corporation Shimla, will certainly tell you somewhat similar story, as the poor condition of the NH-22 road that passes through the Dhalli market has made life really terrible for the local residents of the area.

Himachal Watcher spoke to some of the residents regarding the serious issue. “Holes, muddy road and vehicles running rashly over the road and spitting mud on people walking beside the road – all this seems to be a daily routine now”, said Neelam Sharma, a government employee who works in IGMC.The pathetic condition of the road has also become a big problem for the shopkeepers as every customer passing by or coming inside the shops carry a lot of mud resulting in filth all around.


Mr. Gupta, who is a shopkeeper at the Dhalli market said,“Our life has become a living hell as we have to spend ten to twelve hours a day here and you can see the mud coming in our shops, along with the customers. Even it has become a danger for our hygiene. Complaints, grievances do not make any difference and the people we have elected are least bothered about these conditions.”


Himachal watcher also tried to talk to the counselor of the Dhalli ward, Mr. Shalender Chauhan. When asked to put his opinion reagarding the bad road, he said, “I empathize with people of the area as I also live here and face the same kind of problem. There are some issues that have caused a halt in the progress of the development work of the road. We haven’t got any financial support from the concerned department till now and also, people don’t care about parking their vehicles in the area that causes disturbance, resulting in traffic.” Mr. Shalender also said that he is also waiting for the weather to get clear and then only the development work could be initiated in a proper way.


In response to the question that till when this problem will resolve, Mr. Shalender Chauhan said,
“As we know, every year hundred of thousand loaded trucks and buses passes through this road and this time in Shimla region, Monsoon has been 4% high above the normal and has caused a lot of damage to the roads but I assure you as soon as the sky gets clear, we will fix it.”


At one point of the time, we usually boast a lot about the greenery and ascetic beauty of the hill queen Shimla, but behind this shallow smile there exists some startling realities – our defunct infrastructure, wrecked roads and poor transportation- which we tend to ignore, instead of facing it.
Also, being a part of the Indian society, it is in our blood to pass the buck to someone else, instead of taking the responsibility and fix the problem. So, HW will urge to authorities to resolve the issue as soon as possible instead of turning a blind eye towards this big problem.

HW has forwarded a copy of the grievances, with images and the video, to the HPPWD and is waiting for their response.

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